Mr. Bassel Anbari

Nominating Committee

  • Graduated from Tennessee Technological University USA in 1984 with Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Was an ASHRAE Student Member in university, later joining the Philadelphia Chapter, the Delaware Chapter and is currently in the Falcon Chapter.
  • Has 30 years’ experience in HVAC construction industry. Started his career at Furlow Associates Consulting engineering firm, designing HVAC systems for commercial and industrial projects eventually becoming head of the Mechanical Engineering Department. He later worked for Penn Ventilation, a US based fan and ventilators manufacturer as Head of Application Engineering Department. He moved to Abu Dhabi in 1993 and worked for International company marketing and selling HVAC equipment/ products in the GCC region.
  • In 2008, he started his own company InterCool Central Air Conditioning; providing engineered HVAC products/systems, Energy Efficient and sustainable products. Bassel works on design, implementation, and certifications of isolating electro mechanical equipment to guarantee survivability against bomb blast or seismic forces, Provide engineering solutions to many HVAC engineering problems including architectural and mechanical acoustic solutions.
  • Supports and promotes ASHRAE Standard 62 Indoor Air Quality for reduction of outdoor air requirement by utilizing filtration on the return side of the air handling units. He has conducted many ASHRAE Seminars, presentations, organized ASHRAE conferences and workshops related to Sustainable designs of Air Conditioning Systems, Noise Vibration and Acoustics, Seismic Restraints, District Cooling, Green Buildings, ASHRAE and AMCA standards and many other subjects related to HVAC construction industry.
  • Is a voting member of ASHRAE Special Project Committee SPC-171 (Method of Testing of Seismic Restraints for HVAC & R Equipment)
  • Was on steering committee forming ASHRAE Falcon chapter in 2002 inaugurated in 2003.
  • Is an Active Member of the ASHREA Falcon Chapter BOG since 2008, serving as Chapter President Elect 2003-2005 and Chapter President 2005-2007.
  • On a Regional Level, served as RAL Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) Chair 2006 Dubai, Region at Large-Vice Chair Research Promotion 2009- 2012 and continues as Region at Large- Nominating Committee member since 2012.
  • Region at Large- Nominating Committee member 2012- till date